We Want Our Blue Passports Back!


The Government is giving the go-ahead for the redesign of the British passport.  As it currently stands, the UK has an ugly burgundy coloured passport, which complies with yet another tedious EU regulation.  As the UK leaves the EU, we are now going to enjoy a new British Passport by 2019, to represent the sovereignty of our country.

Unity wants to unite the UK, as we leave the EU.  The British passport is one of the most powerful in the world, and it is only right that as we leave the EU, we have our own unique document to show of the greatness of our country abroad.

 The Government has recently caved in, and suggested that we will give the EU a £50 billion exit fee, this is unacceptable – if you’re against this, then please sign here.  

The European-Elites and their allies have kept this country tied into thick red-tape for as long as anyone can remember.  Unity wants to make sure the Government commits to what the people want; that is, to be fully out the European Union, including the single market and customs union – Britain has had enough of red tape.

The Government has suggested our new passports shall be a shade of blue – let’s hope the government stick to their promise of changing the passport colour, as we will all will be watching closely.

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