BBC in Crazy Political Correctness Again

Do you enjoy the long running Soap EastEnders? Well you will be pleased to know that a £15 million pounds investment is being spent to upgrade the set and make it bigger for more plot lines. The BBC have also decided that they should for the first time incorporate a religious building to reflect the Faith of Britain.

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The set will be 20% bigger and is designed to reflect "authentic" East London so in keeping with the BBC and its love of multi- culturalism the new set will not have a Church but instead an Islamic Mosque!

A spokesperson for the BBC said the set will “be as authentic as East London today, including a mosque it will better reflect the East End on screen as well as increase the potential for storylines."

Following the Islamic State terror attacks in Paris the show went highly political with a “meaning of Islam” speech in the show, when chracter Tamwar Masood argued Islam was a peaceful and loving faith to his non-Muslim girlfriend. It received widespread support from many of the Liberal chattering classes.

With trust in the BBC at its lowest level ever and many saying it now employs naked Liberal Propaganda it can be seen as no surprise that people are not paying TV Licences and turning off in their millions.

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  • commented 2018-03-01 16:24:16 +0000
    Wtf this is a tv show & if that’s the case then why not a church as well, because they do exist as well Synagogues , so hope ur going to add them to.
    But at the end of the day the last thing I want to watch is political correctness gone mad .
    This program should reflect the different aspects of religion, yes I agree, but only on religious occasions , which I think u have covered in the past , it’s like u only see the church, for either a funeral or other religious occasions like Christmas, but no more than that, as it is after all a soap opera & not a religious tv show & u don’t want to over do it with any of them
  • commented 2018-02-28 19:49:10 +0000
    I’ve never watched a ‘soap opera’, as I never saw the point, but the vile concept of this idea is more than enough to put an end to me watching tv ever again. Why to we, the British public, finance such garbage? We pay for a licence, so that the bbc can produce dross daily!
  • commented 2018-02-28 12:26:42 +0000
    I will if Islam is allowed to creep into these programmes , the show should not be promoting this sort of thing, it’s entertainment not a programme for political correctness or to symbolize any faith, to correct the imbalance there should be Christian values expressed also.