BBC Fake News Lies exposed AGAIN!

Ahmad Hassan has been convicted of the Parsons Green tube bombing which thankfully failed to explode correctly. Hassan has claimed to be only 16 years of age but Judges and others have thrown doubt on this. He was housed with a foster family under false pretences by Surrey County Council and the Home Office and he has been proven to be an ISIS trained vicious killer.

BREAKING "Dangerous and devious" Surrey teenager jailed for life for Parsons Green Tube bombing, in which 51 people injured

However, the state broadcaster which is funded by the compulsory licence fee has not been describing him as an Iraqi/Asylum Seeker or Terrorist. In fact they have started to describe him as a 'Surrey Teenager' and have done so on numerous occasions!

Hassan was allowed to stay in Britain after illegally immigrating via Calais, France, despite telling the authorities he had been. An outcry has since followed on social media as to why the BBC are not accurately reporting the facts about refugees becoming suicide bombers. The BBC are finding it increasingly difficult to hide their bias and are coming under even greater scrutiny.

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