Are you sick of being called a 'far-right' racist?

Firstly the above poster van has been doing the rounds of Westminster and was commissioned by one of our supporters. As a totally non-party group we are not saying back UKIP (I appreciate a huge number of you are) but we feel that this message is bang on. So many of you that I speak to are absolutely disgusted with the Conservative Party and the way they have handled not only Brexit but their utter failure to curb immigration and their full support of Political Correctness. They are no longer fit for purpose and unless they reform drastically they will be out of Government for a long time to come.

Meanwhile the remain establishment and mainstream media are completely unhinged and absolutely out of control. What we witnessed last week was a sickening and concerted attempt to shut down the right of free speech and to question our politicians. Not only that but as part of a grand scheme of plans they are attempting to smear 17.4 million as racists and far right whilst attempted to destroy the Yellow Vest movement in its infancy. So firstly I am going to show you a quote and ask where you think it is from?

"Britain cannot accommodate all the people of the world who want to come here – and should not give special exemptions for people rich enough to buy the services of organised smugglers. Securing our national borders is a prime function for government."

If you were to ask Anna Soubry or David Lammy they would say the BNP or National Front but in fact the quote is actually from The Communist Party of Great Britain- Marxist Leninist in an article here!

I have nothing but disdain for 'progressive' socialists who are also globalists and believe in open borders when in fact it is these policies that marginalise the working classes more than any other. So anytime someone says you are a racist show them that article and if Owen Jones put down his Guardian for a minute he might actually hear what the real working classes of the UK think.

Moving to the other end of the political spectrum I have also read a fantastic article by The Bruges Group about the growth of the Yellow Vest Movement in the UK and the way it is trying to be suppressed. An excellent quote from it is as follows:

"It is time for the common people to step up to the plate. Time to tell the rich Remain conspiracy and condescending elite of Tony Blair, Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg, JK Rowling, Alastair Campbell, Gary Lineker, AC Grayling and other antidemocrats what we really think of them. As the luminous brigade marches, they will set a challenge to the BBC and mainstream media. Will the British yellow vests get the sympathetic coverage afforded to the gilets jaunes? Or will these 'salt-of-the-earth' folk be labelled as 'far-right'?"

You can read this in full here

So I have quoted from both The Communist Party & The Bruges Group (whose founder was Margaret Thatcher) to show that to have the laziness to label us as fascist extremists is not only insulting it is also highly inaccurate! The 17.4 million voters were made up of all classes of society, races, genders & sexualities. It was the cry of a people to be liberated and we are being kept in our chains by the elite.

I will wait to see how tomorrow's vote pans out before being back in touch with you. I think the Government will lose the vote by a thumping majority and political chaos will then ensue. After that then who knows but I fear the worst.

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David Clews is the Spokesperson for UK Unity & a contributor to Unity News Network

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  • Michael Reader
    commented 2019-01-14 20:47:45 +0000
    This article is bang on, not that I am a violent person by any means but sometimes? I think that if I was ever to meet some of these higher profile people in person, self control would I feel take a back seat. In the meantime I shall channel my anger, and long for that hopeful time when we have drained the swamp that made of so many self servants in Westminster. Even more so on my wish list is to see the criminals and traitors brought to account and punished SEVERELY.