Are we really represented by our MPs?

Politicians both in power and the opposition!A survey has been shown that we are not being represented by our elected representatives. The very people who are elected as MP’s to serve their constituency. In fact I’ve had experience with David Drew my so called MP contacted him on the homework petition and only got reply saying he believes should do it even though said I do. So he didn’t know what talking about!

Also, as you know we had contacted him about the countryside only JKM today will know this as exclusive. That the reply wasn’t he going to help but he agreed. How is this any help? The answer is simply it’s not. Also, contacted him through twitter in which I received a reply from a labour account saying the following “lee, just because you have an opinion does not entitle you to the support of your elected representatives on that issue.


Well Chalford labour obviously don’t understand democracy and the right that MP are supposed to go to parliament to represent us the constituents whether old or young. Whether they agree. Are they becoming snowflakes? The answer is simply yes they are becoming easily offended or don’t like stuff then throw a fit.

Then he continued “ they will all take a view based on the political platform on which they were elected- otherwise they would not be representing those who voted for them.” This is so absurd because no matter what they should be representing everyone.theres no surprise why there’s low voter turnout amongst the young generations.

My MP does not represent me or my views and is why I will never ever vote or support him. The only party for me that has a chance is UKIP.

The answer is simply no look at Parliament they are betraying the public and we are losing faith as they are too political correct and too much interest into themselves and their pockets. While the majority of the people are struggling. This is why we need real politicians.

My name is Lee Sibley and I am a young Brexit activist, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking @Real_Lee_Sibley

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