Archbishop of Canterbury in Remain/Liberal Sermon

With Church attendances and respect for the Establishment Church of England continuing to fall throw the floor, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has made an incredible political intervention. He has slammed the attitudes of Leave voters and of those concerned with the continuing effects of Mass Migration.

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Like his opposite Pope Francis his views appear to be considerably out of step with that of everyday Anglicans. In a poll conducted by the University of Bristol 87.6% of respondents within the Church insisted that they would like to see immigration reduced. Rather than heal wounds Welby's out of touch elitist thinking will most likely inflame tensions even more. 

He preached in his column: “Brexit has divided the country and we now need a new narrative...We must be welcoming strangers to our country, We must be generous and allow ourselves to change with the newcomers and create a deeper, richer way of life."

Do you think Welby is typical of the out of touch elites?

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