Appeal to Farage & Batten- There is a way we can MAXIMISE the Brexit vote!

Dear Friends,

The analysis that I produced yesterday on the potential impact of UKIP/ The Brexit Party running against each other has resulted in a great deal of discussion. The overwhelming number of comments and responses is that they want Mr Batten & Mr Farage, two Brexit warriors, to put their differences aside and work together.

Now I am a realist and I understand there is a great deal of bad blood and other issues but what I am going to do now is come up with a compromise that can work for everyone, a Blairite third way if you pardon the expression!

Again now is not the time for niceties and lets be brutally honest about things. The Brexit Party appears to be an extremely 'Tory' type organisation, those involved in it and around it certainly fit the bill. Now I am not saying this in a negative way it is just a fact. UKIP on the other hand is now a far more rough and ready party that can appeal to a certain demographic The Brexit Party can't.

So at the last EU elections UKIP won 24 seats on a 27% national vote share. Currently neither the Brexit Party or UKIP is polling anywhere near that and the Labour Party look set to win comfortably. Of course all of this might change and either of the two could see the Brexit vote demographic rally round them. As I showed yesterday studies have indicated that as a result of what is going on leave voters are in fact far more disengaged and less likely to vote than remainers. 

The compromise would be that there is a split of constituencies where both parties agree not to field candidates against one another based on previous seat numbers. If done correctly this could see an increase in MEP's for The Brexit bloc. These would also be split along a basis where each party is likely to do better. This would also allow the better targeting of resources and candidates to specific areas.

The equitable split would be as follows:

East Midlands- UKIP to stand only, 2 seats plus possible

East of England- The Brexit Party to stand only, 3 seats plus possible

London- The Brexit Party to stand only, 1 seat plus possible

NE England- UKIP to stand only, 1 seat plus possible

NW England- UKIP to stand only, 3 seats plus possible

SE England- The Brexit Party to stand only, 4 seats plus possible

SW England- The Brexit Party to stand only, 2 seats plus possible

West Midlands- UKIP to stand only, 3 seats plus possible

Yorkshire & Humber- UKIP to stand only, 3 seats plus possible

Scotland- The Brexit Party to stand only, 1 seat plus possible

Wales- The Brexit Party to stand only, 1 seat plus possible

Northern Ireland- No candidates

This equates to 12 seats per party and a free run to win even more seats in areas best suited to the respective parties! You could also win the same amount of seats on a smaller share of the vote, what is not to like!

The above is an ideal scenario and I am even going to offer another way and this is UKIP & The Brexit Party don't stand against each other in the areas where UKIP only won 1 seat in the past election of which there are 4 regions. If they both stand against each other in these areas then in my opinion it is electoral suicide and stupidity and could result in neither party winning a seat.

So this is a plea not only from myself and UK Unity but the loyal brexit voters to put aside egos and past conflicts and look to the future, this is a workable solution that can help ensure all parties are represented without the risk of destroying on another. If the parties don't even decide not to stand in the 4 regions where UKIP only won 1 seat then I am sorry but this is sheer stupidity and neither party deserves a seat in these areas.

Let's be pragmatic and make this happen, put the people first!


I will be sending this article to a number of important people around UKIP/ The Brexit Party and others, please if you are in any Facebook groups or email groups then please send this on and please also e-mail this to UKIP, The Brexit Party, Leave Means Leave, etc and show them a workable solution is possible. Any questions please email on [email protected] and you can read the Full Analysis of the EU Elections by Clicking Here Now!

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  • David Clews
    commented 2019-04-12 20:12:15 +0100
    Thanks to all who commented in relation to points raised we had to take a decision to rule our For Britain on practical terms in that they neither have the exposure or finances to win seats at the moment. I doubt very much we will see both The Brexit Party and UKIP working together after today, David.
  • Robin Vaughan-Evans
    commented 2019-04-12 19:19:23 +0100
    David you and your team are doing a great job and what the country needs. I do completely agree with your article but they will not work together but the other option is Brexit party do the EU and UKIP have national elections the GE and local elections. I really think that would work very well for both parties playing to their strengths.? What do you guys think?
  • Simon Ellis
    commented 2019-04-11 18:03:13 +0100
    Well done David and crew, an excellent analysis. Read your initial email very late last night but I had already realised that there would be a dire problem with a split vote. Most people, I believe, would vote for either party but if two presented themselves on their ballot sheet it would be anybody’s guess where the cross would go!