URGENT APPEAL- The Remain Campaign just got a cheque for £1 million!!!

The Brexit situation is really starting to heat up now. We at UK Unity were pleased to see Nigel Farage give his full support to Leave Means Leave and the fact he is getting back on the campaign trail. We have been in touch with them to offer our support where practical.
The founder of Superdry clothing has today donated the incredible sum of £1,000,000 to the peoples vote campaign. This is on top of the other millions they have received from George Soros and other RABID remainiacs. They outspent us the last time so with all the money in the world we can defeat them as we have truth and right on our side. However we still need to be able to compete against them!
UK Unity is a non-party grassroots movement for change in the UK  and we have a sizeable number of supporters at 20,000 as well as a significant social media reach that can be greater than the political parties some weeks. We are a fresh and dynamic movement dedicated to a better Britain. It is so important that Brexit does not become about the internal arguments within the Tories or Labour.
The 17.4 million people who voted for change came from all backgrounds, classes and locations. Brexit is something so much bigger!
To that end we need your help and this week we are launching a massive drive for more funds. We are not part of the establishment and do not have any millionaires bankrolling us. We were the first group to organise a demonstration after the Chequers betrayal and our demo on the 5th of September outside Parliament will be a sizeable one.
We want to be able to hold more demonstrations up and down the country and in all the different major cities. We want to be able to provide all our volunteers with the right leaflets, boards, badges, banners, flags and t shirts! 
Nearly all of the money that we bring in goes to direct campaigning and not over inflated salaries or is wasted on vanity projects.
To that end we need your help to continue the fightback. How much does it mean to you that we mobilise people on the streets and get the Brexit we all want?
You can become a member from £5 a month or £50 for the year by CLICKING HERE NOW!
You can donate to our crowdfund where you can also do so anonymously by CLICKING HERE NOW!
You can donate via PayPal by CLICKING HERE NOW!
If you like the work our news site Unity News does you can buy patriotic British products by CLICKING HERE NOW!
If you have any questions or ideas we would love to hear from you and we owe a big thanks to all our current members & donors. If you are not in a position to donate then please don't worry. All we ask is you keep engaging with all our social media pages!
Yours in a FULL Brexit,
David, Carl, Craig & the team at Unity 
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