Anti War Thug in Poppy Wreath Outrage

Poppy wreaths are a symbol of remembrance for the brave men and woman who have fought and died for the United Kingdom and to keep us free from tyranny and oppression. In disgusting scenes a man was seen kicking and spitting on Poppy Wreaths at the War Memorial in Bristol Town Centre.

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The man was screaming anti-war views in the early hours of Sunday morning when William Bates spotted him. Mr Bates told a local paper: "I was walking through central Bristol at 6.30 this morning when I saw a man kicking wreaths at the cenotaph. I started filming him and he was ranting about his “anti-war” political views as he vandalised the war memorial."


The man was also said to be shouting about ‘Tory scum’ as he kicked the wreaths around. Mr Bates said he called 999 to report the crime.

Avon and Somerset Police have since confirmed:

“At 6.30am this morning (February 25) we received a report a man was kicking wreaths laid at the Cenotaph on Colston Avenue. A 49-year-old man was subsequently arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place, criminal damage and possession of a Class B drug, cannabis.The man remains in police custody and enquiries are ongoing"

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