Amber Rudd confirms Customs Union Betrayal!

The Home Secretary and notorious remainer has split with cabinet colleagues by saying that the government is yet to arrive at a 'final position' on whether the UK will be in a customs union with the EU after Brexit. Rudd said there are still more cabinet discussions to be had before ministers decide exactly how to approach the idea of a customs union, despite the prime minister having been adamant the UK will not be any part of one after withdrawal.

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Her admission has enraged Conservative Brexiteers, including cabinet ministers Liam Fox and Boris Johnson, who see staying out of any sort of customs union as fundamental to their vision of Britain’s future. It also angered the pro-Brexit DUP, which props up the Tories Commons majority, with a senior figure immediately stating that leaving the customs union is a 'red line' for the DUP.

Rudd’s comments will heap further pressure on Theresa May as she seeks to shore up her Brexit strategy in the wake of a series of defeats in the House of Lords, including one which would force her to seek to stay in a customs union. Seasoned political commentators see this as the first step in the Customs Union betrayal with even more set to come in the future!

This is an absolute sell out of the Brexit Vote!

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