Britain Can Stand Alone Again


The United Kingdom is a strong country.  A country that has stood on its own before, and can again – worldwide beyond the shackles of the European Union.  The UK has a resilient attitude, and has always been open for business, this will not change once we leave the EU.

The UK went through two World Wars, and at one point was isolated in its fight against Nazism.

The United Kingdom will establish trading links on our own, globally – just like we did before we joined the EU.

The Remainers constantly talk Britain down as if we are a weak and non-important country.  They forget we are a permanent member of the UN security council.  The UK is also a nuclear power, and let’s not forget – we are an economic powerhouse, and that is not thanks to a declining European Union. 

UK Unity wants to see the best of Britain when we leave the EU.  That is why we are going to pressure our politicians to deliver what people want; us to leave the EU.

UK Unity wants to unite the United Kingdom as we leave the European Union, and that is precisely what we can achieve with your help and support.

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