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Theresa May and her cabinet have signalled their greatest surrender yet to the EU elite, by submissively agreeing to pay a hefty £50 billion fee to Europe for Britain to leave the EU, this is unacceptable; sign up here if you agree.

Unity wants to unite the UK, as we leave the EU. We also want to ensure that we get out the EU now, and not pay a penny more. Though, it is now clearer than ever, that Theresa May and her colleagues wish to put the financial interests of the European Union first, before their own country, the United Kingdom. 

May signalled in her Florence speech in September that our ‘fee’ to leave the EU would be a massive £20 billion, though that sum has now been dwarfed by May now offering the EU more than double that, at a sum of fifty billion pounds – shocking to say the least, but Unity expected no less from politicians that have systematically put their own interests first, before their own country.

Unity is the voice of the hardworking people of this country.  We want to see £50 billion invested into British schools, the NHS and other vital British public services, instead, we will now be funding new schools and roads in places like Romania; let’s improve our own infrastructure, build more schools and fund our NHS at home, not Europe! 

Theresa May claims that Britain is ‘obligated’ to pay, in reality; it is because her government promised the EU billions if we left, as an insurance fee.  Theresa May and her fellow Remainer, Phillip Hammond, want to see the UK dish out billions abroad, they hate the British peoples’ decision to leave the EU, and their punishment is to bill the British taxpayer £50 billion.  It’s no surprise that the toff-elite like to look out for themselves, and not their own country.

As mentioned above, it is imperative to spread the message; we want to leave the EU, and not pay a penny more.  Please sign up here if you agree! 

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  • commented 2017-12-05 10:24:53 +0000
    what I not understand Theresa May is stopping Universal Credit for when I have I have child who 3 and half who go to nursery for 15 hours free and she what to stop it till in January next year and I have to have rent to pay and get food shopping for me and my daughter. She has no right to stop it and she has to go and I do agree that we should leave the EU and not pay a dam penny at all.