After Ryanair now comes the threats from the German Luftwaffe, sorry, Lufthansa!

Angela Merkel is coming under increasing pressure to her harden her stance over Brexit after recent outspoken remarks from major German business and political figures. Ryan Heath, a respected commentator for an EU wife publishing house, said that the extreme comments from the Lufthansa chief executive this week looks like they are wanting to encourage a dire Brexit to teach Britain a lesson.

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Carsten Spohr, the boss of German carrier Lufthansa gave his unequivocal backing to Ryanair's potential flight grounding threat to change the UK's mind on Brexit. Spohr said "In theory, if we could use this industry to prove to the British how wrong the decision was, that might be a good thing."

Heath the respected commentator said: "Look at the language the Lufthansa CEO used this week in regards to aviation. It was pretty close to language that in effect said ‘Let them hang,' that maybe British need to suffer a hard Brexit to know they made a mistake.The German can industry will be affected, of course, but the people who buy BMWs can likely afford a 10% price hike... Merkel isn’t going to move."

UK Unity Opinion- The Germans used the sky to try and bomb us into submission in the Blitz, we won't let them try and use it again to scare us Brits off. We need a full and clean Brexit now!

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