A Message to the Cowardly Elite and their Allies

Unity’s Spokesperson, David Clews, wants to confront the cowardly elite face-on, who are not happy with our campaign.  David says, instead of hiding behind your laptops and desktop computers, we insist that you confront us face-to-face, let’s have a chat and a debate.

Unity believes that we must unite the UK, as we leave the European Union. Unity will hold the political class to account, and not give the EU a penny. 

It is clear, many people want to deny the people of this country their right to leave the European Union.  Unity wants to make the case for a strong united UK, outside the European Union – and we are not scared to debate this, head-on.

Unity will not stand-down, nor be silence – we believe the UK can do better outside the European Union, and that is a strong case we are prepared to make; without being silenced by the pro-elites, and their allies on social media.

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