Not all Young People are remain SNOWFLAKES!

Young people do support Brexit!

We the young people want to prosper with Brexit as it was the greatest vote in a generation and our generations have fought for our country continuously yet we are still being dictated to.

For example, world war 2 our soldiers fought for freedom and against the Nazis and so they deserve the respect we need to give them by actually leaving the traitor of the European Union!

There’s been a lot in the news about students and young adults not agreeing with brexit and because they could not vote and was not eligible to have a say they reckon we should have a second referendum.

Tell you what leave would win a vast majority once again and the young people I have spoke to just wants to leave and get on with Brexit.

I spoke to Izzy and she said we just need to get on with brexit and repeat the democracy and that the politicians need to listen to us.

In my opinion no ones mind have changed and it’s in fact thanks to the older generations why we got our freedom back including our borders and like the conservatives said they are going to end free movement. As we have also found out that there is going to be a brexit Betrayal march on this Sunday 9th December 2018 against Mrs May deal. To be honest with you I have spoke to numerous young people and have campaigned in my local area and they have told me repeatedly that they want to get on with Brexit and they want a no deal scenario. And at the moment they are feeling betrayed by both Mrs May government and the opposition. The only party who will seriously help us is UKIP.

It’s so absurd to think that after two and half years ago since the brexit referendum we have not got no where. The government is betraying us.

Also, they go on about young people voting but not everyone takes it seriously so it Would have consequences. And so I do feel they deserve a vote but it’s too late whether they can or couldn’t vote. Look I know that as I was at secondary school and was unable to vote but if I were allowed to register as an electorate that Would be my option to leave.



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We must not allow the UN Global Migration Pact!

The Marrakech agreement will change Britain and Europe forever. You have to watch this, share this and sign the petition!

The coming weeks are CRUCIAL for Brexit!


The coming weeks are so important for Brexit! Increasingly we hope that there is a NO DEAL Brexit and that we walk away from the corrupt EU paying them nothing!

However, there are huge obstacles that we have to overcome and we must ensure that on the 11th of December Parliament votes NO to the deal.

Leave Means Leave are demonstrating outside Number 10 everyday from next week and we fully support them on this.

On the 9th of December there is 'The Great Betrayal' March in central London meeting at 11:45 at the Dorchester Hotel and we will bring you LIVE coverage of this on our social media pages.

Unity News will provide you with updates throughout Monday and Tuesday on the day of the vote as well. Watch the YouTube video above from our spokesperson David Clews for a full update.


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Great Betrayal March & Day of Vote Demo


We fully support the march on the 9th of December in London and we encourage as many people to get along as possible for The Great Betrayal March!

The vote on the sell-out Brexit deal itself is now scheduled for the 11th of December and it is so important we also have a presence outside Parliament as well as the Remainer's will be out in force along with the world's media.

All leave supporters and groups are encouraged to come along and our team will be there throughout the day with banners, posters & leaflets to lobby the MP's.

All the MP's will be in and around Westminster so we have to let them see us and make plenty of noise! If this deal goes through then we will have been betrayed and democracy is DEAD in the UK.

Further details to follow...

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