Tony-toff Blair Will not stop us leaving the EU!


Tony Blair has been spending the last few years jetting around the world in private jets and staying at 5 star hotels. This is all paid for by his business work which is mostly done for third world dictators around the globe.

It is no surprise then, that he wishes to now also be a dictator and stop the people of Britain from exiting the failing EU and to overturn the wishes of the electorate.
He has said that the Labour Party should now seek to block Brexit by holding a second referendum and doing everything in its power to push back against taking us out of the EU.  Sign here if you want out the EU now. 
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The real hard-workers of our country!


These are our people, the workers and the strivers. Those who get up in the morning and make Britain what is a land of solidarity, peace and plenty. From the people who empty the bins, who serve coffee, clean the streets, answer our calls, build our industry and so many, many more.

The elites have totally failed us all, they are the reason our NHS is underfunded, that people have to use foodbanks and people can't get a well paid job. The recent honours list is another example of the fraud being perpetrated on the British People. Remainiac and confirmed establishment toad Nick Clegg made a "Sir". Well guess what, on the 23rd of June 2016 the British people told the establishment where to get off and upset their plans to keep us down. We will leave the EU and we should not give them a penny.
Sign up here if you agree with our message.  
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Message to the Toff-Elite: WE WANT OUT THE EU NOW!


We want to ensure that the hardworking people of this country get what they want; for us to leave the European Union and their single market. The European Union is a gangsters-racket, it destroys our ability to trade with the world, and prosper fully as a country. 

Unity wants to unite the UK, as we leave the EU.  We represent the hardworking people of this country who want to see the government deliver the exit from the EU we were promised.  No ifs, no buts – we want out the EU NOW, and don’t want to give them a penny of your cash.

If you want out the EU and their single market, then sign up here.

Clegg Deserves NO Knighthood!


Nick Clegg, a known remain-loser and liar has been selected for a Knighthood.  It is a disgrace that someone such as Clegg, who has systematically lied to the British people, has been selected for such a prestigious title.

Clegg is among many Remoaners who would like to see the will of the British people ignored.  The people of this country have opted to leave the EU, while people like Clegg attempt to reverse it.  Unity wants to unite the UK, as we leave the EU – and not give them a penny more!

If you agree that Clegg should NOT get a Knighthood, then sign here.


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