Scottish Tories betrayed the British Transport Police - Not the SNP!



The Scottish Conservatives today are calling for a stop to the planned merger of the British Transport Police with Police Scotland. This merge would end the BTP in Scotland forever.

This planned merger is nothing but a stunt to eradicate anything “British” from Scotland, with a job to cleanse Scotland and make it a purified Scottish State. This is nationalism in its worst form, it should not go ahead and the SNP should be held account.

The Scottish National Party, however, are only doing what they are established to do, which is to seek separation from the UK. This stunt is nothing of a surprise, it is what happens when a secessionist party wins power.

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Gina Miller Wants to Block Brexit!


Gina Miller

is a British-Guyanese business owner who famously initiated the 2016 court case against the British government over its authority to implement Brexit without approval from Parliament.

Gina's husband is the Multi- Millionaire Hedge Fund Manager Alan Miller and she also

helped crowdfund a campaign for Pro- remain candidates at the last general election.

Today, Ms Miller lives in a large house in South West London, bought three years ago for £7 million, and the family has a French holiday home.

We at UK Unity want to know who funding Mrs Miller is and where does her hatred of democracy

come from? There is something entirely disingenuous about her campaign and it shows

no sign of stopping .

What Gina Miller doesn't get is that because of people like her and the financial elites of this country we voted to leave the Corrupt EU. We would suggest she enjoys her variety of multi-million-pound houses and jet set lifestyles and leave the people of the UK to get on with building a brighter more fairer future.

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Money to our homeless Veterans - NOT THE EU


Many Veterans who have given their lives to the United Kingdom are now facing homelessness - we say, give them cash now, not the EU!

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Remain-backing carillion dumps its workers!


Carillion, a remain-backing company has left its workers out to dry as their remain-backing CEO's pocket hundreds of thousands.  UK Unity represents the hard-working people of this country.  We want to see the workers of Carillion paid what their owed.  It'c clear the EU fat cats only think about themselves. 


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