Why Yellow Vest protests MUST be peaceful!

Firstly if you have signed or just signed our petition against illegal immigration then thanks very much! We will be submitting this to the Home Secretary in the next couple of weeks. Our Spokesperson David Clews put out an email this morning discussing the furore over Anna Soubry & Owen Jones. Just to let you know that David has had over 500 replies and as much as he would like to he just physically can't respond to all of them. He has said a huge thanks to everyone for their input and your ideas for moving forward.

As an organisation we have made the decision that at all of our demonstrations organised by UK Unity we will not tolerate any violence, harassment, extreme bad language or overt vulgarity. Now we know that is not what everyone will want to hear but we firmly believe that noisy but peaceful Yellow Vest protests are the way forward. Simple acts of solidarity and strength live forever.... for example who can ever forget the image of the peaceful protestor standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square?

Eventually we will get our chance to make our statement at the ballot box and nothing hurts a politician more than them losing their seat. We pray and hope that good people will once again come to the aid of our great nation in it's time of need. We have had many difficult times before and this is once more a very Dark Hour.

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OPINION- The furore over Anna Soubry & Owen Jones shows the hypocrisy at the heart of the UK

If you had a glance on Facebook/ Twitter or the mainstream media you will have seen the howls of outrage against the fact that during an interview Anna Soubry was called a 'Nazi' and that Owen Jones was surrounded by a group of Yellow Vest 'thugs'. 50 MP's have since sent a letter to the Police demanding more protection and for arrests to follow. You will also have noticed the BBC going full in on this as well as Kay Burley of Sky News.

Now for the last 3 years we as Leavers have faced a daily barrage of criticism as Nazi's, Fascists & Racist's but as soon as it happens outside Parliament and in their faces it is a national scandal? For me it is the outright hypocrisy of the elites and the establishment and the way they all rally round each other. It is also showing an increasing class divide that exists in this country. Not everyone has had the benefits of an Oxbridge education like our political masters and sometimes aren't able to phrase their arguments the way our masters would like them to.

I believe that something more sinister is taking place and that is the establishment trying to shut down any debate or free speech unless it suits their agenda. Our news site Unity News Network has been covering the France uprising extensively and we keep asking where is the coverage of this on the BBC, ITV or Sky News?

On a personal level and as a campaign we abhor and condemn violence and intimidation. We feel that it is counter-productive to our shared cause and if you look at successful and long lasting change it was achieved through peaceful means. Martin Luther King & Gandhi were proponents of this but during that time their language and rhetoric was considered illegal!


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Lee Sibley views on Brexit

Jin all I’m Lee Sibley you may have heard of me from the local and international media as been seen in local papers such as Gloucestershire Live and the sun and many more mainstream media not the Dailymail as asked them and they were rude. And said who made the petition even though clearly stated. I have been seen in banning homework which went viral thanks to Conor who works at the local people and believes everyone should have a voice. Especially young people and it was thanks to him that I appeared in news as young people like himself knows how it feels.

lee sibley also featured campaigning to save our beautiful countryside which is deteriorating drastically. My view on Brexit is that’s it’s a mess as we have a remainer PM Theresa May who obviously wants to remain and will do anything. The politicians don’t want to see our country prosper. I am 16 years old and I have not been indoctrinated by news or schools and if I believe in something’s I won’t budge especially if I believe strongly.


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Is Owen Jones a snowflake?

Young people support Brexit. Not all of them are snowflakes!


We We the young people want to prosper with Brexit as it was the greatest vote in a generation and our generations have fought for our country continuously yet we are still being dictated to.


For example, world war 2 our soldiers fought for freedom and against the Nazis and so they deserve the respect we need to give them by actually leaving the traitor of the European Union!


There’s been a lot in the news about students and young adults not agreeing with brexit and because they could not vote and was not eligible to have a say they reckon we should have a second referendum.


Tell you what leave would win a vast majority once again and the young people I have spoke to just wants to leave and get on with Brexit.


I spoke to Izzy and she said we just need to get on with brexit and repeat the democracy and that the politicians need to listen to us.


In my opinion no ones mind have changed and it’s in fact thanks to the older generations why we got our freedom back including our borders and like the conservatives said they are going to end free movement. As we have also found out that there is going to be a brexit Betrayal march on this Sunday 9th December 2018 against Mrs May deal. To be honest with you I have spoke to numerous young people and have campaigned in my local area and they have told me repeatedly that they want to get on with Brexit and they want a no deal scenario. And at the moment they are feeling betrayed by both Mrs May government and the opposition. The only party who will seriously help us is UKIP.


It’s so absurd to think that after two and half years ago since the brexit referendum we have not got no where. The government is betraying us.


Also, they go on about young people voting but not everyone takes it seriously so it Would have consequences. And so I do feel they deserve a vote but it’s too late whether they can or couldn’t vote. Look I know that as I was at secondary school and was unable to vote but if I were allowed to register as an electorate that Would be my option to leave.


I like to think that we could possibly prosper without interference from the European Union.

“One of the most annoying things about politics has to be the way that 'young people' get talked about as one giant homogenous group, as though we don’t have different concerns, opinions, hopes and dreams. Just as not all of us like Ed Sheeran, not all young people go to university and voted Remain because they care about being able to study abroad. In fact, only around half of us go into higher education. And if you’re a young person in Northern Ireland, you might be more worried about whether or not there’s going to be a physical border between you and the Republic of Ireland than you are about anything else.

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU by 51.9% to 48.1%. We hear a lot about how “young people want to stay in the EU,” and some do, but the truth is that not everyone eligible to vote showed up on the day in 2016. While 90% of over-65s turned out, only about 64% of 18-24 year-olds voted (and, of course, not all of those voted Remain).

However, it is true that the younger you are, the more likely you were to vote to stay in the EU – studies suggest just over 70% of 18-24 year-olds voted Remain, while just under 30% opted to vote Leave. The older you are, the more likely you were to vote Leave. So, it’s fair to say that on the whole, younger people were more pro-EU than their parents and grandparents – only 40% of those aged 65 and over supported Remain.

The latest data also suggests that young people would still be more likely than older people to vote to remain in the EU were there to be another referendum tomorrow.

In a nutshell, the UK is currently divided into the under-45s who, broadly, are in favour of staying in the EU, and the over 45s, who largely want out but it's just lazy to say "young people are all remainers because they want to be able to go to uni in the European Union" which is one of the most common arguments we hear.” The BBC reported on Brexit for young people.

They say all young people are all remainers. Well I will tell you that’s a lie as I’m a prominent leaver and have spoke to and discussed with other people whether old and young about their voices and they just want to leave as they’ve seen how the EU dictated to us. For too long they’ve got away with it but we will stand united and strong.

we want to see a economy which will continually grow. Without Eu interference.

Remainers more like remoaners.

 Remainer as you may know have been well known for being called remoaners. They are as you could say snowflakes as we had once in a generation vote which they were outdone 52% to 48% and so they lost and will continue to do so. It’s been around 21/2 years as the referendum was done in 2016 yet we haven’t moved far this is because the remoaners are offended as you can say that we don’t want to be controlled by a beaumacracy and want more control over our borders,NHS, education and more departments. We give so much to Brussels like £350 million pounds. This money is being wasted it’s funny you can go to your local town yet the infrastructure isn’t up to standard plus the state of the towns and cities.

the best thing out politicians and remoaners can do it to accept the outcome and if they want a future for their kids this is the only option on table is no deal. Just with any referendum there were simply no lies on the ballot paper it stated the question rather fairly and have the people their democracy and to get the results they thought be necessary on our relationship with Brussels. Electorates voted overwhelmingly out.

As we clearly know no real politicians want to see brexit through as they are too politically correct. And in fact where Mrs May and Corby keeps airing the possibility of no deal they are causing disruption and dividing our nation.

The Benefits of leaving European Union:

* More control over borders.

* £350 million can go into departments such as education.

* free trade with America and other powerful countries.

* get our sovereignty back so we are in charge and hold our elected representatives to account.

the list goes on but I keep it short for you great readers.

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Are we really represented by our MPs?

Politicians both in power and the opposition!A survey has been shown that we are not being represented by our elected representatives. The very people who are elected as MP’s to serve their constituency. In fact I’ve had experience with David Drew my so called MP contacted him on the homework petition and only got reply saying he believes should do it even though said I do. So he didn’t know what talking about!

Also, as you know we had contacted him about the countryside only JKM today will know this as exclusive. That the reply wasn’t he going to help but he agreed. How is this any help? The answer is simply it’s not. Also, contacted him through twitter in which I received a reply from a labour account saying the following “lee, just because you have an opinion does not entitle you to the support of your elected representatives on that issue.


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What will happen to Theresa May?

What an incredible few days it has been. Thanks to all our members, donors & online shoppers we were down in London for the Great Betrayal March on Sunday as well as organising our own demo yesterday on what was meant to be the day of the vote. A huge well done to all who came along and it was great to have young, old and from all walks of life!

Did you know what the Government spent well in excess of £100,000 of your money promoting the deal they never even voted on?!

From a personal perspective going into the Westminster bubble is like going into enemy territory. We did have some fun calling out Sky News Fake News whilst they were Live on air and both Kay Burley and Adam Boulton were none to happy!


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