Well done the ERG & DUP!


It is with great pleasure that the ERG and DUP have now confirmed they will vote AGAINST the deal!

The default position is now a full and proper WTO Brexit on the 29th of March and anything less than this will be an absolute betrayal and the highest form of treachery. Remember and follow us below on all our social media channels for the best news and information moving forward.

If Rees- Mogg & The Tories back the deal today then the Tories need to be DESTROYED!

Theresa May sat last night with an unelected technocrat who said that Brexit may not happen at all. She sat there with a glum and pathetic look on her face. Under NO circumstances can her deal be allowed to pass. If Rees-Mogg and the ERG do capitulate and they support this pathetic deal then in my opinion the Tories deserve to be wiped from the electoral map. This deal is NOT Brexit despite what might be being said!

It involves paying £39 billion to the EU, ever closer military ties and being subject to ECJ decisions! We would still be a quasi member of the EU with ZERO say in it May. The issue surrounding the Backstop is pure political posturing and drama. Absolutely nothing has changed to make this deal a proper Brexit.

The ONLY real Brexit is a full and clean WTO Brexit and on behalf of our 50,000 supporters I will be messaging where I can to MP's saying they must say NO! Please email your MP's or tag them in on Facebook and Twitter that they must vote this treachery down. If not then they and the entire Parliament deserve to be out on their ear.

If you agree then Sign Here NOW!

A response to The Guardian

If you are concerned about mainstream media bias and the way 'impartial' journalists twist facts then this is interesting for you!

NATIONWIDE EVENTS: Nationwide demos- WTO Brexit Now! Locations TBC!

UK UNITY ORG are planning and supporting local people all around the country in order to fulfill Brexit and to stop any more betrayal after 17.4 million electorates are being betrayed essentially by the establishment so on the 23rd March 2019 we are holding events at Main central locations like the county council such as Gloucester 

on UK UNITY ORG Facebook page we can see the upcoming events and mentions the following: “Saturday, 23 March 2019 from 11:00-13:00 UTC” 

how ever since I’m the organiser for Gloucester I’m going to do from 11:00 to around 15:00 and then we can go to the pub and have a discussion.


we will be having signs and leaflets to hand out to make clear we want Brexit.

we hope you can come to Gloucester on the 23rd march keep an eye on our FB page and Instagram where we announce the further details.

here in Gloucester we are expecting over 50 people but please come along whether you’ve not from Gloucester come along be good to see you there.

bring stereos or anything you’ve got we are going to be listened to. REMEMBER never use VIOLENCE.


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Respect Brexit or get your P45!

UK Unity is fighting back against the Betrayal of Brexit. We and the decent people of our great land demand that on the 29th of March we leave with a Full and Clean WTO Brexit, anything else is a betrayal of democracy!

To that end we are encouraging all our supporters to download this P45 and send it to their local MP's showing them that if they do not respect the will of the people then come the next elections they will be sacked and their political careers FINISHED!



URGENT APPEAL- Do you want a FULL WTO Brexit?

UK Unity is organising a series of demonstrations, street stalls, leafletting events and much more in the lead up to the 29th of March. This will start with a gathering of proud brexiteers outside Parliament on Wednesday the 27th of February from 14:00 till late.

We have distributed tens of thousands of leaflets to volunteers across the UK who are delivering them to friends and neighbours demanding that we unite for a full and proper WTO Brexit. We have also given posters to street teams so far in Hull, Barnet and Gloucester with more posters being printed with the below message:

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Main stream Media Bias

Hi all I am Lee Sibley and I am the director of Dynamic social media for UK Unity and I believ stronglye in what they stand for especially regaining control of the fake news and just to tell the decent people of this country the truth.

We the great people are fed up with the establishment and being betrayed.

We need real politicians who represent the hardworking people of this country.

We also need a real movement and news network such as unity news network to tell the truth to the British people as we are completely been told lies over and over again.

When will they ever listen? The answer is simply no the elected mp as we know are not very representative of the British people.

more will come....

please email me if you have any questions on [email protected]

The Mainstream Media in this country is BIASED & CORRUPT!


Did you manage to catch the furore surrounding the Covington School Boys in the USA? When I first saw it a friend called me and asked what I thought. I said the visuals of it didn't look great from what was shown but I am not sure until I know the full story. Alas the MSM in the USA such as CNN, NBC, WaPo and others all jumped in immediately pushing an agenda and as a result young teenage boys on a day out to Washington received death threats and disgraceful attacks on them.

Similarly in the UK we had the furore over the 'Soubry is a Nazi' chants that was blown completely out of proportion and again saw members of the public targeted by the full might of the MSM machine.

I have recently been interviewed by both The Times and also The Guardian about the rapid growth of Unity News Network and during that I said that as an organisation we only discuss and challenge public figures who put themselves out there, not everyday people who the MSM decide more and more to go after. I said that we exist because people are disgusted at the way the mainstream media portray's itself as impartial when it is anything but and that our readers and viewers value our content and the fact that we engage with you.

I proudly confirmed that we are a pro-Brexit site and do not hide the fact that we believe this country needs radical change from it's current direction. I also reminded the journalists that this isn't a niche view but rather one shared by the vast majority of people in the UK! I also stated that ll

So moving forward we are now in a position to move to Stage 2 for Unity News Network. We are going to upgrade our website to allow Radio Broadcasts & YouTube live-streaming as well as a full transfer over to Accelerated Mobile Pages (the fastest load speeds on the Internet) . We are also going to use Vimeo which will allow us to simultaneously live stream across all our social media channels.

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