MASSIVE survey reveals what British people REALLY think about ISLAM

Grassroots campaign UK Unity has organised a survey to better understand what the people of the UK are thinking about some of the most important issues facing the UK today. The survey covers the issues between UKIP and Nigel Farage, Brexit, Tommy Robinson and much more. So far it has had over three and half thousand responses which is a pretty significant sample size. 

Spokesperson David Clews said: "As a genuine campaign we actually care about what people think and want to engage them on the issues that matter. We want the survey to run for another couple of weeks to get 5000 responses but what we have received so far has been staggering. We see a massive shift away from supporting the Tories, a majority blaming Theresa May for the Brexit crisis and some pretty striking views on the role of Islam in the UK. 

The majority of respondents appear to be everyday people who are simply at breaking point and they feel that Government, the Establishment and big business does not listen to them."

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Bullied schoolgirl's mother BREAKS DOWN over SICKENING attack

April Ward, 12, was surrounded by a baying mob of girls on her way home from school in Birmingham earlier this week. She was punched and kicked as she screamed for help before falling to the floor with many other children filming what was happening. The video has since gone viral on social media and has been featured in local and national newspapers but has received ZERO television coverage.

Now the poor girls mother has revealed that she will not be allowing her daughter to return to Cardinal Wiseman High School.

Watch below as we reveal the HYPOCRISY of the mainstream media and SUBSCRIBE:

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Paris BURNING as protestor has hand BLOWN OFF!

A Gilets Jaunes demonstrator lost his hand during clashes outside the main parliament building in Paris, witnesses said, during the 13th weekend of anti-government protests across France.

Clashes broke out outside the National Assembly building in Paris after a march from the Champs-Elysees arrived there.
While many demonstrators marched peacefully, some masked activists tried to break down barriers outside the parliament while others urinated outside. Masked men threw projectiles at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades. There has been continued widespread consternation with the lack of mainstream media coverage on these quasi-revolutionary scenes taking place in France.

As the march continued on its way towards Boulevard Saint Michel, vandals targeted bus shelters, cars and shop windows along the route. Volunteer medics at the National Assembly told AFP that a man had his hand ripped off during the clashes between police and protesters.

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REVEALED- School girl attack sees ZERO mainstream media coverage!

When we first saw the footage yesterday on social media we were absolutely sickened by this attack on a defenceless young schoolgirl. It has since transpired she is only 12 years old and has been the victim of bullying before. It also appears that this bullying is on racial lines as well. We all remember what happened when the footage of Jamal appeared. The mainstream media went into overdrive. Everyone of them took it as an opportunity to lambast the state of the nation. Theresa May even got involved to say Jamal represented the nation.

Of course you would imagine that the reaction to this far more brutal attack would have received the same if not more coverage. However what has now become even more apparent is the sickening hypocrisy at the heart of the country when the violence perpetrated does not fit the politically correct agenda. You can see below our tweet and attack on the MSM has gone viral and we hope it continues to reach as many people as possible as the young girl's family has asked for the footage to be shared.


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Mainstream Media BLACKOUT on girl attacked by ethnic school kids

As we revealed yesterday a viral video first appeared on Snapchat then Facebook before we tweeted it on Twitter and it has now been viewed tens of thousands of times. The Birmingham Mail have since done an excellent job on reporting the harrowing bullying that 12 year old April Ward.

April Ward, 12, was surrounded by a baying mob of girls on her way home from school in Birmingham earlier this week. She was punched and kicked as she screamed for help before falling to the floor with many other children filming what was happening.

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Police investigating SICKENING attack on young English Schoolgirl

Footage has emerged on social media showing what appears to be a white Schoolgirl being thrown to the ground and beaten. The schoolgirl is white whilst the perpetrators appear to be from mixed ethnic backgrounds including some wearing hijabs. The footage was apparently initially posted to Facebook this morning. Campaign group UK Unity posted the following tweet that has since gone viral:


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Main stream Media Bias

Hi all I am Lee Sibley and I am the director of Dynamic social media for UK Unity and I believ stronglye in what they stand for especially regaining control of the fake news and just to tell the decent people of this country the truth.

We the great people are fed up with the establishment and being betrayed.

We need real politicians who represent the hardworking people of this country.

We also need a real movement and news network such as unity news network to tell the truth to the British people as we are completely been told lies over and over again.

When will they ever listen? The answer is simply no the elected mp as we know are not very representative of the British people.

more will come....

please email me if you have any questions on

The Mainstream Media in this country is BIASED & CORRUPT!


Did you manage to catch the furore surrounding the Covington School Boys in the USA? When I first saw it a friend called me and asked what I thought. I said the visuals of it didn't look great from what was shown but I am not sure until I know the full story. Alas the MSM in the USA such as CNN, NBC, WaPo and others all jumped in immediately pushing an agenda and as a result young teenage boys on a day out to Washington received death threats and disgraceful attacks on them.

Similarly in the UK we had the furore over the 'Soubry is a Nazi' chants that was blown completely out of proportion and again saw members of the public targeted by the full might of the MSM machine.

I have recently been interviewed by both The Times and also The Guardian about the rapid growth of Unity News Network and during that I said that as an organisation we only discuss and challenge public figures who put themselves out there, not everyday people who the MSM decide more and more to go after. I said that we exist because people are disgusted at the way the mainstream media portray's itself as impartial when it is anything but and that our readers and viewers value our content and the fact that we engage with you.

I proudly confirmed that we are a pro-Brexit site and do not hide the fact that we believe this country needs radical change from it's current direction. I also reminded the journalists that this isn't a niche view but rather one shared by the vast majority of people in the UK! I also stated that ll

So moving forward we are now in a position to move to Stage 2 for Unity News Network. We are going to upgrade our website to allow Radio Broadcasts & YouTube live-streaming as well as a full transfer over to Accelerated Mobile Pages (the fastest load speeds on the Internet) . We are also going to use Vimeo which will allow us to simultaneously live stream across all our social media channels.

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