URGENT APPEAL- The Remain Campaign just got a cheque for £1 million!!!

The Brexit situation is really starting to heat up now. We at UK Unity were pleased to see Nigel Farage give his full support to Leave Means Leave and the fact he is getting back on the campaign trail. We have been in touch with them to offer our support where practical.
The founder of Superdry clothing has today donated the incredible sum of £1,000,000 to the peoples vote campaign. This is on top of the other millions they have received from George Soros and other RABID remainiacs. They outspent us the last time so with all the money in the world we can defeat them as we have truth and right on our side. However we still need to be able to compete against them!
UK Unity is a non-party grassroots movement for change in the UK  and we have a sizeable number of supporters at 20,000 as well as a significant social media reach that can be greater than the political parties some weeks. We are a fresh and dynamic movement dedicated to a better Britain. It is so important that Brexit does not become about the internal arguments within the Tories or Labour.
The 17.4 million people who voted for change came from all backgrounds, classes and locations. Brexit is something so much bigger!
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Campaign Launched "Sack Sadiq Khan NOW!"

Enough is Enough, we cannot just sit back and let Khan continue to ruin our Capital and our Country. He is also a rabid remainer doing everything he can to keep us in the EU. He must be stopped!

UK Unity Spokesperson David Clews says:  "Sadiq Khan has presided over calamity after calamity. Murder rates are now higher than New York with Acid Attacks, Moped Attacks and Rapes also Sky Rocketing. The decision to allow an anti-Trump blimp to fly over London is the final straw for many and his antics in opposing the leader of the free world's visit make a mockery of the entire UK and not just London that he represents.

Watch our ATTACK video as we call out crime under Khan here now:

UK Unity will be writing to the Prime Minister asking her party to seek to repeal the Greater London Authority Act 1999 (c. 29) with her Parliamentary majority in order that Khan can be removed from office with fresh elections held. We will also be engaging in leafleting, professional videos, social media and other methods to take direct democratic action against Khan. Depending on sums of money raised we will play Khan at his own game in relation to flying a blimp over London mocking President Trump... we will seek to do something similar to Khan and see how he likes it!

This will culminate in a protest outside Mayor's question time on the 13th of September in London with banners, flags, leaflets and placards. Your support on the street, on social media and financially is needed to make a success of this. We have a proven track record of political delivery and our organisation does what it says it will do. Please spare what you can and let's get Khan OUT!"

To donate to the crowdfund to help get Khan removed please click here now: https://ukunityorguk.charitycheckout.co.uk/cf/SACK-SADIQ-NOW

UK Unity & Freedom March 23rd June

People in the UK are sick of the Brexit Betrayal and that is why on the 2 year anniversary we marched in London for UK Unity & Freedom! We want what we voted for and that is a full and clean Brexit!

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The DEMONSTRATIONS against the BETRAYAL begin!

UK Unity is a genuine grassroots movement for change in the UK. We launched in November 2017 and we have had incredible success so far. Our street campaign has seen us out in Newcastle, Manchester, Carlisle and Edinburgh and on the 5th of June we organised our first demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament with a simple message to the MP's and the House of Leeches..."STOP THE BETRAYAL!"

Whist we would have hoped for more people to come along it was during the week and we wanted the MP's to hear us and see us which many of them did! With the big march on the 23rd coming up and more crucial Brexit votes due this is only the start of our campaign and the protests will grow bigger and noisier until we get the Brexit we all voted for! For the full story of the day and to see videos please click here now: https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/amp-pro-brexit-demo-confronts-remoaners-and-traitors-outside-parliament/

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