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  • signed Arrest Dominic Grieve for TREASON 2019-08-09 06:51:46 +0100

    SIGN- Arrest Dominic Grieve for TREASON

    Dominic Grieve appears to have broken the law from his interview in France, as he's a RT Hon. MP (Privy Councillor) threatening to take down the UK Government whilst in a foreign state. He has constantly gone against the democratic mandate of the UK and poses an existential threat to democracy in the UK.

    Whilst he may be a former Attorney General and talk in 'polite' tones he is going against the very fabric of our democracy in also wanting the Queen to intervene. This cannot be tolerated any longer.

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    This petition calls for the Government's lawyers to speak with the Police and charge Dominic Grieve with treason and sedition in trying to overthrow a democratically elected Government and that a European Arrest Warrant is issued for him immediately.

    After signing please remember and share this on Social media and with people who are interested in restoring democracy.

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