Christopher Fearn

  • signed Petition re statues 2020-06-12 09:22:28 +0100
    Arrest and punish these left wing, Marxist thugs.

    Petition: Defend our statues and history!


    The silent majority of this country are absolutely appalled about what is going on in the UK. Whilst we all understand that history is not without its controversies but we cannot allow the mob to decide what stays and what goes. People are sick to their back teeth of this crazy political correctness that is actually making things WORSE. We demand the Government and Council's protect our statues, memorials and history are protected!

    Sign now and please share on social media and with family and friends.

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  • signed PETITION-Scrap The BBC & Channel 4! 2019-11-24 15:44:54 +0000
    They are institutionally left wing biased.

    PETITION Scrap The BBC & Channel 4!


    The bias is getting worse and worse. Look at the way all the debates and question times are stuffed with liberals and remainers. Look at the way they are pushing Greta Thunberg everywhere. Look at the way they have gone after our veterans in the recent Panorama. We also now include Channel 4 in this after the despicable and humiliating way they handled the debate and their overall output of bias. No more public subsidies and no more support for these organisations!

    This Propaganda must STOP! Click below and sign and pass this on NOW!

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  • donated 2019-02-06 21:36:48 +0000