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  • signed Corbyn is a danger and must be STOPPED! 2019-11-13 19:57:36 +0000
    Horrible man

    Corbyn is a danger and must be STOPPED!


    A Church of Scotland Minister said to Jeremy Corbyn today in Glasgow: “I thought you'd be wearing your Islamic Jihad scarf. Are you not invited to the funeral?”

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    Unity is not supporting any party or any candidate in this election. We cannot however sit back and allow a man who has associated with the IRA and referred to Hamas & Hezbollah as our friends to become Prime Minister. He has a track record of being against our Armed Forces and that is simply not acceptable.

    He has supported a policy that will allow continued open borders and mass immigration. He wants to cast adrift the people of Northern Ireland and then allow a second referendum for the SNP in a shabby deal to get into government.

    Say NO to Corbyn, Diane Abbott & John McDonnell. Sign the petition & pass it on to friends & family & across social media.

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    Currently the Remain led establishment having the backing of Billionaires like George Soros and are spending millions to try and overturn our democratic vote to Leave the EU. Gina Miller, Tony Blair, Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve etc will not let us leave the EU without putting up a fight! We have to now all get behind Boris as he leads us out of the EU to a bright new future.

    You will have seen our protests outside Parliament covered on the BBC, ITV, RT & many newspapers. We have also leafletted extensively and printed many banners and posters. We have rolled out UNN as well providing a completely new and pro-Brexit News Network fighting back against the old media bias. No salaries are paid at UK Unity and all donations cover campaign expenses.

    The options below are simple and secure, you can give with complete confidence from anywhere in the World:

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    All donations are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone. 



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    By supporting us now we will together:

    • Make sure we leave the EU with a WTO Brexit & pay the EU NOTHING!
    • Bring back common sense into British Politics
    • Call out the politicians and elites who are harming this country
    • Control our borders and prioritise the safety of our citizens
    • Ensure the integrity of the United Kingdom when others seek to harm it
    • Get our Public Services, like the NHS, properly funded and run well 

    You will be joining the majority of people up and down the country who agree with you. We welcome the support of people around the world and have many ex-pat supporters as well as Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and more!

    UK Unity is not connected to any political party as we are a genuine grassroots movement for the people of the UK.

    If you have any questions please email us on or call 0161 509 2145

    Please note: remember to check your emails for our welcome message to verify your support.

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