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  • signed Stop Shamima Begum returning to the UK 2020-07-18 10:54:39 +0100
    There are three running already

    SIGN THE PETITION-Stop Shamima Begum returning to the UK


    Once again Human Rights Lawyers and Liberal Judges are putting the safety of the British people at risk. Shamima Begum freely left this country to join one of the most vicious and barbaric regimes in human history. She has shown NO REMORSE over her actions and said she saw no issues with severed heads in bins. She cannot be allowed back into the UK under ANY circumstances! Sign the petition and share with family and friends.

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  • signed NO Billionaire Bailouts! 2020-03-17 11:31:31 +0000
    These people have had enough money from us. Tax payers money should not be used to bail them out. We are sick of paying for these creeps. If you’re in business you take your chances.l

    SIGN THE PETITION: NO Billionaire Bailouts!

    During the 2008 Financial Crash we saw one of the biggest wealth transfers in history. This CANNOT be allowed to happen again!

    Branson has sued the NHS, run railways into the ground and is a tax exile. If they want to prop up failing businesses let them do it with their own money and use British taxpayers money to support workers and real jobs not the Billionaires!

    Sign NOW and share!

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