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    Yes Nigel has gone, this I think was inevitable because of the stance that Gerard has taken by taking Tommy Robinson on board as his adviser on some issues. Incidentally it is entirely due to Gerard’s down to earth attitudes and comments that for the first time in my life I have joined a Party despite being politically aware for over 40 years.
    How long he stays as leader only he knows, but for sure he’ll be one hard act to follow. He certainly has his finger on the pulse of the average Joe and his concerns unlike the majority of the Right disHonourable Politicians in Westminster.
    As for UKIP I wouldn’t be surprised if others from the NEC resign in the near future, but that will be down to them and their consciences. However I feel that we are really on a roll now and need to be able to continue onward’s once we have escaped the cancerous clutches of the EU. We will also be able to give all those self serving blinkered so called public servants of all colours one hell of a boot up the backside in the next election. This is of course my own opinion and stand by it, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to air it and that hopefully in a few short years we end up looking back and thinking it was a fight that we were proud to have taken part in and one that we had to win. Winning this freedom is possible and if achieved , will I’m sure make my beloved Country Great again.
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