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  • signed Arrest Dominic Grieve for TREASON 2019-08-11 10:50:29 +0100

    SIGN- Arrest Dominic Grieve for TREASON

    Dominic Grieve appears to have broken the law from his interview in France, as he's a RT Hon. MP (Privy Councillor) threatening to take down the UK Government whilst in a foreign state. He has constantly gone against the democratic mandate of the UK and poses an existential threat to democracy in the UK.

    Whilst he may be a former Attorney General and talk in 'polite' tones he is going against the very fabric of our democracy in also wanting the Queen to intervene. This cannot be tolerated any longer.

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    This petition calls for the Government's lawyers to speak with the Police and charge Dominic Grieve with treason and sedition in trying to overthrow a democratically elected Government and that a European Arrest Warrant is issued for him immediately.

    After signing please remember and share this on Social media and with people who are interested in restoring democracy.

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  • signed Legal aid Shamima Begum 2019-04-18 10:45:42 +0100

    PETITION- STOP all Legal aid to Shamima Begum NOW!

    Shamima Begum went off to join ISIS, one of the most despicable groups ever to walk the earth. Their barbaric tactics and sickening use of torture and rape puts them up there with the worst regimes in history. 

    Begum has since been proven to be part of the ISIS 'Morality Police' and she herself admitted that seeing severed human heads did not phase her. Her legal team are also extremely dubious and taxpayers money should not be going to them.

    With the British Givernment and liberal elites pushing the agenda she must be helped they risk alienating decent people and inflaming tensions. We will be writing to the Government to say Do not give Begum a PENNY in legal aid!

    Sign and share if you agree!

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  • signed up on Support 2018-12-29 11:03:58 +0000

    By supporting us now we will together:

    • Make sure we leave the EU with a WTO Brexit & pay the EU NOTHING!
    • Bring back common sense into British Politics
    • Call out the politicians and elites who are harming this country
    • Control our borders and prioritise the safety of our citizens
    • Ensure the integrity of the United Kingdom when others seek to harm it
    • Get our Public Services, like the NHS, properly funded and run well 

    You will be joining the majority of people up and down the country who agree with you. We welcome the support of people around the world and have many ex-pat supporters as well as Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and more!

    UK Unity is not connected to any political party as we are a genuine grassroots movement for the people of the UK.

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