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    Can you help?

    We say an emphatic NO to anymore draconian CCP style lockdowns and any notion of vaccine passports. This is a free and fair country and must stay that way. Thanks to your support the first part of our documentary on lockdowns has been made that you can watch here. We are in the process of building a new campaign website and getting banners, posters, stickers and more made up so please give what you can! You can pay directly into our bank out S/C 83-16-20 A/C 00152028. If you want to send a cheque or give over the phone please e-mail [email protected]



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    SIGN THE PETITION-Free by Summer!

    A prominent group of Conservative MP's have set out a plan saying ALL Coronavirus restrictions must be removed by the 1st of May which we fully support. We must say NEVER AGAIN to anymore lockdowns no matter what the circumstances.


    We also say an emphatic NO to Vaccine Passports that are discriminatory and against the Nuremberg Code!

    Sign Below Now if you agree that life MUST get back to normal by the Summer!

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