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    Sign the petition: SACK Sadiq Khan NOW!

    SACK Sadiq Khan NOW!

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    Sadiq Khan has presided over calamity after calamity. Murder rates are now higher than New York with Acid Attacks, Moped Attacks and Rapes also Sky Rocketing. The decision to allow an anti-Trump blimp to fly over London is the final straw for many and his antics in opposing the leader of the free world's visit make a mockery of the entire UK and not just London that he represents.

    UK Unity will be writing to the Prime Minister asking her party to seek to repeal the Greater London Authority Act 1999 (c. 29) with her Parliamentary majority in order that Khan can be removed from office with fresh elections held. 

    This petition will be part of a wider campaign by UK Unity to get Khan REMOVED from office ASAP!

    Please add your signature to the letter by signing below and sharing this petition NOW!

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  • commented on Outrage over where our new British Blue Passports are set to be made 2018-03-22 10:57:39 +0000
    Hi Sara, it is because we are still part of the EU Single Market. Any EU company can bid on this contract and EU laws mean we have to accept the lowest bid. This is why we have to leave the EU and all its institutions like the Single Market.
  • commented on Scandal of MP's lavish taxpayers trip to the USA 2018-03-15 16:29:00 +0000
    Hi David, thanks for commenting. No it is not!
  • commented on As EU Juncker clings to job what his latest remarks have caused OUTRAGE! 2018-03-14 11:00:22 +0000
    Totally agree! Well said Gill
  • commented on Remain fanatics Anna Soubry & Chuku Umunna in new Brexit SCANDAL 2018-03-13 16:48:55 +0000
    Totally agree James
  • commented on "Sir" Vince Cable in shocking Brexit Racist RANT! 2018-03-12 13:48:16 +0000
    Well said Frank!
  • commented on Britain set for SECOND EU Referendum! 2018-03-12 07:56:25 +0000
    Well said Barry. Totally agree!
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    By supporting us now we will together:

    • Make sure the democratic vote to leave the EU is respected
    • Bring back common sense into British Politics
    • Call out the politicians and elites who are harming this country
    • Control our borders and prioritise the safety of our citizens
    • Ensure the integrity of the United Kingdom when others seek to harm it
    • Get our Public Services, like the NHS, properly funded and run well 

    You will be joining the majority of people up and down the country who agree with you.

    UK Unity is not connected to any political party as we are a genuine grassroots movement for the people of the UK.

    If you have any questions please email us at info@ukunity.org.uk or call 0161 509 2145

    Please note: remember to check your emails for our welcome message to verify your support.


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  • commented on Government plans to build more Prisons.... You won't believe where?! 2018-03-08 10:15:04 +0000
    Thanks for commenting Colin, we just feel that building lavish prisons at taxpayers expense abroad sends out the wrong message.
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    A time for Unity


    The world is in a state of flux, it seems that our elected politicians in the UK are struggling to get on with the day job. All of the while we the people of this country are waiting to have the change delivered that we all so desperately need and decided for when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and begin a new and positive partnership with Europe and the rest of the world...

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    PayPal & Bank Details

    To pay directly into our PayPal account use the following email address: info@ukunity.org.uk  

    We welcome BACS payments directly into our UK Unity Ltd Bank Account. Please make a payment amount of your choice to:

    Sort Code: 23-69-72

    Account Number: 04298927

    Please include a reference to let us know it is from you or write anonymous if you wish to remain so.

    If you have any questions or wish to make us aware of a donation please email info@ukunity.org.uk.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Campaign Launched "Sack Sadiq Khan NOW!"
    Posted by · July 06, 2018 9:04 AM

    UK Unity & Freedom March 23rd June
    Posted by · June 20, 2018 3:10 PM

    The DEMONSTRATIONS against the BETRAYAL begin!
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    Beach Clean Up

    Join us for a day of fun in the sun as we help to make our beautiful beaches a better place for everyone to enjoy! Bring a friend, a snack, and some sunscreen!

    August 27, 2018 at 6pm
    Manhattan Beach

We are a campaign that seeks to preserve and strengthen the United Kingdom as we leave the EU.