Dave Lewis

  • signed PETITION-Scrap The BBC & Channel 4! 2021-03-05 14:13:16 +0000
    I don’t watch the BBC on TV or on youtube I will not pay for it, it’s about time this forced tax to what would be called in a democracy theft, is abolished. I will not pay for the corrupt BBC even if it meant prison as I will be with many more innocent people in prison than in Government or the BBC put together.

    PETITION Scrap The BBC & Channel 4!


    The bias is getting worse and worse. Look at the way all the debates and question times are stuffed with liberals and remainers. Look at the way they are pushing Greta Thunberg everywhere. Look at the way they have gone after our veterans in the recent Panorama. We also now include Channel 4 in this after the despicable and humiliating way they handled the debate and their overall output of bias. No more public subsidies and no more support for these organisations!

    This Propaganda must STOP! Click below and sign and pass this on NOW!

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