Andrew Mcclean

  • signed free by the summer 2021-02-23 23:55:10 +0000
    Thus far what has been forced upon the national population in the name of C19 has been horrific. The people are not stupid I believe, and they can see there’s much more than one agenda in play. Descriptors like ‘vile and amoral’ are mild when considering the huge numbers of healthy young who have lost everything and taken their own lives because their livelihoods have been heartlessly destroyed; again under the guise of ‘the virus’. Filthy is an understatement!! To say we the people have had much more than enough is fact. The future will not be good if things continue. The huge amounts of money already made of the back of this virus is disgusting, but the government should know the population are sick of this now. Finally, keeping the NHS, police and military working whilst destroying the lives and livelihoods of millions in the private sector; people can also see what’s being done here. It must stop nationally and globally, because it’s way beyond clear there’s hidden agendas at play 😡!!

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    Steve Baker MP and a prominent group of Conservative MP's have set out a plan saying ALL Coronavirus restrictions must be removed by the 1st of May which we fully support. 


    We also say an emphatic NO to Vaccine Passports that are discriminatory and against the Nuremberg Code!

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