Mike Paine

  • signed Stop Shamima Begum returning to the UK 2021-01-12 18:57:41 +0000
    This women cannot be allowed back into the UK. We have to learn from our failed lessons of the past when we forgive these people and then months later we find they are doing the same things again – we are a soft nation and we have to toughen our laws on these people – they have no interest in being British except when it suites them. If you want to behave like this then the best place is to go and stay where they do these kind of barbaric acts – no place in the UK for these people. And the last thing we need is for her to return only then to be put into one of our jails – again NO we don’t want our tax payers money paying for her to be kept in a jail – we have veteran’s and homeless people who would fo better to get the help they need from us.

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    Once again Human Rights Lawyers and Liberal Judges are putting the safety of the British people at risk. Shamima Begum freely left this country to join one of the most vicious and barbaric regimes in human history. She has shown NO REMORSE over her actions and said she saw no issues with severed heads in bins. She cannot be allowed back into the UK under ANY circumstances! Sign the petition and share with family and friends.

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