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We are now as a campaign solidly encouraging everyone on May the 2nd in the local elections and May the 23rd EU Elections to vote AGAINST the Lib Lab CON establishment! They have totally failed us on so many levels and need taught a lesson.

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Campaign LAUNCHED- End the Lib Lab CON!

As a campaign we would love to have seen UKIP & The Brexit Party unite but this doesn't appear to be the case. We wish both parties the best of luck and to anyone standing who believes in a WTO Brexit. However we wish both parties success in sending the Establishment a message!

What we must do is ensure that on May the 2nd in The Local Elections and in the EU elections on the 23rd of May especially we need to end the pattern of voting for establishment parties! They need taught a lesson badly.

For this campaign we will be printing leaflets, posters and intelligent targeted social media adverts. We have leafletting teams ready and raring to go and will be sending out posters to supporters and members as well. All money raised goes towards direct campaigning, nobody at UK Unity takes a salary.

The more we raise the more we can do so we have set up a crowdfund. If you agree that politics in the UK must change and want to help spread the word:



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Why leaving the EU on WTO would see the UK THRIVE!

1. It will allow the UK to cash in, not crash out - the UK will not have to pay the £39billion divorce bill

2. It avoids the corrosive uncertainty which the transition period would bring

3. The UK will be able to use administrative measures to solve Irish border issue, without the need for a backstop

4. After resolving the Irish border issue, the UK as a whole will be able to enter a Canada +++ style free trade deal, such as the one suggested by Donald Tusk

5. WTO is a safe haven, not a hard option. Six of the EU’s top 10 trading partners trade under WTO rules

6. UK exports to countries trading on WTO terms have grown 3x faster than to the Single Market

7. EU tariffs on exports from the UK would amount to less than half the UK’s current net contribution to the EU budget

8. The UK is already a WTO member so would not need to rejoin it

9. We can start to trade on the new tariff schedules as soon as we leave, without waiting for agreement from other WTO members

10. The UK is making good progress in replicating the EU’s most important preferential trade arrangements. Switzerland has already agreed to carry over existing preferences

11. The UK could take up Japan’s invitation to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership

12. Bilateral trade deals do not have to take a long time to renegotiate. The average renegotiation time is 28 months

13. “Micro” trade agreements will not be a big issue

14. Scares about delays to imports are ‘ludicrous’, because Britain will control its borders

15. There will be no medicine shortages

16. There will be no food shortages

17. Manufacturing supply chains and other goods deliveries will not be significantly affected

18. The UK will not run out of clean water

19. HMRC’s computer systems will be able to handle extra customs declarations, even if its new system is not fully online

20. France is determined to prevent delays at Calais for fear of losing trade to Belgian and Dutch port

21. A new traffic routing system will prevent serious delays to incoming lorrie

22. Planes will continue to fly to and from the EU

23. Planes will continue to fly to the US and elsewhere

24. Aircraft manufacturers will still be able to export parts, such as Airbus wings, despite claims to the contrary

25. British haulage companies will still be able to operate between the UK and the EU

26. Trade in animals, plants and food will continue after Brexit

27. UK citizens will not face high mobile phone roaming charges when travelling to the EU

28. UK car manufacturers have obtained approvals to sell their models to the EU

29. New VAT rules will not affect the cash flow of importers

30. British opera singers, musicians and other performers will still be able to tour the EU


These are Lord Peter Lilley's 30 reasons to embrace a WTO Brexit, if you agree sign up free as a supporter by clicking below now!


The Brexit vote is SPLIT but we must say NO to the Lib, Lab, CON!

Further to my numerous emails and articles written I think the chances of The Brexit Party and UKIP working together in any constructive way, shape or form to maximise the Brexit vote at coming elections is now ZERO. The comments from both Mr Batten and Mr Farage today about one another in my opinion were counter-productive. I have a number of personal thoughts on what is going on but I will not let them cloud my judgement. I will present to you two partisan arguments (which are not official positions of UK Unity) and then our final assessment of the best way forward.

A Positive Review-

The Brexit Party launch today was extremely slick and well managed, the setting was bang on as was the imagery. The candidates who spoke were very human and as ever Farage showed he is a fearsome political operator and communicator with a substantial social media portfolio to utilise. They will continue to gain the majority of the mainstream media coverage and in my opinion will comfortable poll ahead of UKIP in the Euro Elections, whether they will win or not is debatable but Mr Farage certainly felt confident enough to place a bet on it! They will be extremely well funded and appeal very much to disgruntled Conservative voters and UKIP stalwarts from the coastal areas (where it first came to prominence) and even potentially tapping into Labour brexiteers.

Farage said this is not just a party for these elections but for so much more that will appeal not only ex- Conservatives but also the 5 million Labour voters who voted leave. He also intimated that he has spoken extensively with President Trump. Farage said he was forced to leave UKIP over their obsession with Islam and the Brexit Party would not be 'intolerant of intolerance' and not allow 'thuggish' elements with criminal records to get involved in it like UKIP has. He also said they were confronted by these 'thuggish' elements at the Leave Means Leave rally. The Brexit Party offers a clean slate, an untarnished brand and something new to voters.



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Appeal to Farage & Batten- There is a way we can MAXIMISE the Brexit vote!

Dear Friends,

The analysis that I produced yesterday on the potential impact of UKIP/ The Brexit Party running against each other has resulted in a great deal of discussion. The overwhelming number of comments and responses is that they want Mr Batten & Mr Farage, two Brexit warriors, to put their differences aside and work together.

Now I am a realist and I understand there is a great deal of bad blood and other issues but what I am going to do now is come up with a compromise that can work for everyone, a Blairite third way if you pardon the expression!

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Why the UKIP/ Brexit Party split will lead to Electoral DISASTER!

Dear Friends,

Firstly I would like to set a bit of context to this argument and the evidence to be presented. I am the founder of UK Unity and co-founder of Unity News Network, a genuine grassroots movement to campaign for Brexit & national enewal and a modern news information centre.

I have always been a 'euro-sceptic' but up until around a few months previous to the referendum of 2016 I was veering Remain, this was until David Cameron was humiliated in his negotiations and then I realised that we had to leave the EU. Leaving the EU means a full and proper Brexit. This has to be a WTO Brexit and a clean break, without this the reality is the UK would be a rule taker and colony of the EU.

In terms of voting and party loyalties I have been a member of both the Conservative Party and The Labour Party. Socially I believe in family values and promoting the Christian heritage of the UK. However economically I believe in a system that works for everyone and not just multi-nationals or big business. I have been around and involved in Politics for nearly 13 years and as a 'canny Scot' I am extremely sceptical of those who promise undeliverable aims and grandiose plans in order to string the wider public along. In anything that both UK Unity or Unity News has said it will do in terms of raising money it has delivered, we are not in the game of exploiting people or playing on emotions but rather delivering achievables.

Leaving the EU allows us to reclaim our sovereignty and independence as a nation. It also allows us to go down a new economic path away from the neo-liberal Blairite policies that have destroyed many working class communities of Britain and reduced the overall feeling of wealth in the UK. We can set our own trade deals and prioritise our own industries.

It doesn't look likely that we will be leaving the European Union anytime soon and even if we do it looks more and more likely it will be the softest of Brexit's with membership of the customs union which is an unmitigated disaster. 

So this leads us on to the coming Council Elections on May the 2nd and also The European Elections at the end of May, many people have been asking for a comprehensive analysis of how this might play out so here it is.

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Lee Sibley and Team in Gloucester protest!

Lee Sibley and the team was in Gloucester yesterday for a march which took place and we had overwhelmingly support from the protestors who decided to spend there weekend to support us and of course those who read our leadlests for what we stand for.

We hope the weekend after this one coming will be bigger amounts especially when we redo Gloucester and outside of the MP’s offices.

is your one of the 17.4 million electorate or was a remainer now a leaver then it’s your time to rise and join UK Unity org.

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Unity is there for you saying we want BREXIT!

UK Unity was established in November 2017 out of the concern that we would be betrayed over Brexit. Not only has this happened but even more so than most could possibly have imagined! We are a not for profit organisation that has no salaried employees. All the money received from members and donors goes directly towards campaign expenses. 

Not only are we a significant force to be reckoned with on social media our demonstrations have been well attended with national news coverage.

In April last year as a spin off we launched Unity News Network as a commercial venture providing you with something different due to the bias of the mainstream media. We are now one of the fastest growing and largest alternative news channels in the UK! We have just launched our new app and we have a favour to ask and that is you download the app to your mobile as we are worried about social media censorship. This way we can keep getting in touch with you direct. So please:

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